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Sounds and Scenes

Manny MoreiraandRETURN TO RIO

Brazilan Jazz

This is a crowd pleasing and high energy dynamic act. Although the quartet's name is brand new these are Manny's long time pals and musical cohorts; the brilliant bassist Leo Traversa, and dynamic drummer and percussionist Norbert Goldberg. They have worked together on and off for most of their lives and played gigs from jazz festivals and record dates to concerts, clubs, Broadway theaters and corporate shows. People often comment, "It's as if they read each others minds!" The original man on keys was Cliff Korman who now resides in Brazil but is still on the roster. Meanwhile, prolific producer/bassist and occasional keyboardist Gary Haase, another long time friend and colleague, has begun collaborating in the studio and on stage. Most recently they have added Cassio Coutinho, a superb young keyboard player from Rio de Janeiro. Manny and Gary are currently busy writing and producing together and will shortly begin releasing new material. 

Look these guys up individually...they've done a few things!

NEW track!!


Manny Moreira - vocals/guitar/synth

Gary Haase - bass,

Cassio Coutinho - keys 

Norbert Goldberg - drums

Written by Sabrina Malheiros

Arranged by Manny Moreira

Produced  by Gary Haase & Manny Moreira

With Norbert Goldberg at a sold out perf
Virou AreiaManny Moreira & Return To Rio
00:00 / 04:19
A RãManny Moreira & Return To Rio
00:00 / 02:46
CarangueigoManny Moreira & Return To Rio
00:00 / 02:19
These thee tracks are from an early studio session with RETURN TO RIO. Leo, Norbert, Cliff and I recorded six basic tracks in about an hour! I used to try wrangling these guys for a rehearsal and Leo would exclaim, "Rehearse?!! We're like a well oiled machine!" As a result, the rhythm tracks are live with no overdubs. The wonderful Christie Bell joins me on vocals for "Virou Areia" and I tweaked the great arrangement by Jay Ashby just a bit. That's Kerry Linder on vocals doing a beautiful job on "A Rã."  Nanny Assis contributes  percussion on all three tracks.  
MM sunset_edited_edited.png

An impromptu video recorded on a camera phone of an impromptu show with Leo, Norbert and Gary Haase sitting in on keys. The show sold out in Vero Beach during covid. People came from as far away as Miami and even South Carolina. The outdoor venue  was overrun! It seems to be a common occurrence when we perform together. Fortunately, a couple of ex employees were there to see the show and jumped in as extra servers! 

STILL ASK ME WHY_edited.jpg

We headlined opening night of the Heineken Jazz festival in Bonnaire. The next night we were invited to sit in with our buddies Moogie and Aaron Heik and their band. Here we were performing my original tune St. Barth.

Invites you to 2023_Horizontal Art Deco Pattern copy.png


These two genres come together beautifully. Everyone loves the Beatles and Brazilian music is a  favorite to audiences of every generation. They are perfect compliments to each other.  Both were born in the early 60s and influenced the course of Pop music throughout the world, yet both remain incredibly relevant to this day. This catalogue is a mind blowing richness of repertoire. Every song is ear candy from the unforgettable melodies to the romantic harmonies and infectious beats. The elegant and seductive music of Brazil matches perfectly with the romantic classics of the Beatles. This dynamic show toggles between mellow, nostalgic Brazilian Bossa Nova and Beatles ballads to Pop classics, raucous Rock and Roll and driving, modern samba grooves. This show happened by accident. Come to the show sometime and I'll tell you the whole story...

This is a beautiful and romantic Bossa. The beach footage in this video was actually meant for another project of mine. But as the saying goes, "When you make a movie you actually make three: The one you write, the one you shoot and the one you edit." I hope you enjoy the final one!  Watch full screen for maximum visual satisfaction!

POP 67

Music From The Summer Of Love

Here's the POP 67 video reel. Just a phenomenal richness of material from just one year! The hardest thing about putting this show together was having to decide which tunes to leave out! (note: this was shot for archival purposes so image is better small screen)
Mas Que NadaBeatles & Bossa
00:00 / 01:23
A world wide classic! My sister, Ana Lucia had this tune on a Brasil 66 record when I was kid. I had fun with the arrangement. A crowd favorite from Beatles & Bossa 

ASK ME WHY - Always one of my favorite Beatles tunes from the first time I heard it! Fresh harmonic movement and cool vocal harmonies. Super fun to sing :) Hope you enjoy!

I'LL BE BACK - A Beatles tune from Beatles & Bossa. Also, now a famous quote from a certain movie.
MM Purple Haze.png
MM the shirt.JPG

Incense And Peppermints

Fixing A HoleManny Moreira
00:00 / 02:19
This was always one of my favorite tracks on Sargent Pepper. We recorded it live with my POP 67 show at the Milford Theater. A classic, deco era building in downtown Milford,  PA. 

Purple Haze

Somebody To Love

It's Getting Better



BimshireManny Moreira
00:00 / 04:42
"Bimshire," is a British nickname for Barbados. I wrote this song while I was there watching the sunset over the eastern Caribbean Sea. A haunting, vibey tune spontaneously recorded and  produced by my old pal and Grammy winning master percussionist Jeff Haynes, while we were visiting one evening...
At the Cafe Wha with Julie Eigenbergjpg copy_edited.jpg
JogralManny Moreira
00:00 / 01:56
A VERY early recording made to cassette! A great tune by, Jose Neto. I learned it off a Djavan recording. 

Here's a post-Covid treatment of "Don't Know Why" (I still had the mandatory beard lol) It came about spur-of-the-moment. My stage manager Lisa Keeler and myself were there shoot a live vid with a trio. We were going to get sound, lights and production elements to dress the stage but there was a torrential downpour. I scrubbed the shoot since everything would have been drenched. When I went to close up the space I noticed how nicely the lights reflected on the floor. Gary Haase and I had just finished recording the track as a lark. He thought the tune would suit my voice. So we shot the interiors on her phone. I think it came out OK for an off-the-cuff production.


Lin Manuel Mirandajpg_edited.jpg

Lin-Manuel Miranda and I at the the party celebrating our first year on Broadway. That's the great Karen Olivo and Christopher Jackson sharing a laugh behind us.

ITH film on set for the Club Scene copy_

The band and dancers on a break from shooting the "Club Scene" from the movie. That's me top row second from left and star of the show Anthony Ramos second row from the bottom on the left in the hat.

From L-R, original band members Wilson Torrez (perc), Raul Agraz (trpt) and myself. Aixa Burgos and master bassist Ricky Rodriguez joined us for the film shoot. Here we were shooting the "Carnaval de Barrio" scene. I am honored and delighted to have had master musicians and two of my favorite humans, Wilson and Raul in the orchestra for every New Deco® show we did in NYC!

With two more of my favorite humans, director and choreographer Stephanie Klemons and Music Director Zach Dietz for a run at the Kennedy Center in D.C. Stephanie was the dance captain and swing for the Broadway run. After that she became our choreographer for the New Deco® Orchestra AND the worldwide dance supervisor for HAMILTON!

IN THE HEIGHTS - first day on set 5 AM call for the "Club Scene" Lights! Camera! Action! OY! I should have worn shades LOL 

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