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You might say I'm a person with an eclectic musical background. My Dad was a flight mechanic by trade. However, he was also a conservatory trained musician. His father was a tailor by trade but was also a musician. A composer who played clarinet and led his own band. When I was six years old I decided I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to see what was out there. Although my dad supported my dream of space travel I was continuously exposed to music by him. He listened to classical music and opera. He also played Brazilian choros on flute and brought home Beatles records. My brother Tony, who was seven years my senior, listened to doo wop then British invasion bands and psychedelic rock. My sister Ana, nine years older, listened to Motown, girl groups and American pop including singers like Nat King Cole and Brazilian pop like Elis Regina, samba and bossa nova. I played the guitar from the time I was eight years old and explored all the music I was surrounded by in the house. Though I always jammed with older friends who were in local bands, I joined my first rock band when I was fifteen. I got deep into bands like the Beatles, Yardbirds, Kinks, Cream then Hendrix. When the Woodstock album came out it was a goldmine for me. CSNY, the Who and of course Santana all blew my mind. A little later it was Zeppelin and prog rockers like Yes and ELP. After that I learned every note Dicky and Duane played on the Live At The Fillmore album. Their ability to improvise fascinated me. As I write this it hits me how I just couldn't get enough music. My dad, my hero, had passed away suddenly when I was twelve. I guess music was a sanctuary for me. I couldn't get enough of it.  At 16 I was seduced by jazz and now I began to study privately. I could no longer wait until I was old enough to go into outer space.  I went inward instead of outward to search for a path towards the mysteries of the universe, truth, adventure and inner peace. I consumed books and music voraciously and continued my music studies after high school. Now there was more jazz. A lot more jazz. Then deep into R&B, and Salsa. More study of the guitar, followed along with a stint at Juilliard to study orchestral conducting then voice end even acting as I was asked to join Actors Equity in order to sing and play a first national tour of a Broadway show.


I had started my career as an artist writing and arranging my own tunes for a band of wonderful musicians. By the time I moved into Manhattan at 22 years old I was ready for just about any style of popular music that came my way. I worked in every aspect of the business from clubs to weddings and bar mitzvahs, corporate events, studio work and Broadway shows. Now, like a frog in a pot, I slowly and unwittingly began to take a turn in the direction of becoming a professional "gun for hire" instead of a creative artist. I continued to do some writing as an arranger and also began producing after building my own studio in the early 2000's. The gigs got more and more high profile. Better venues, bigger names and of course better pay. But I never felt that I had contributed as much as I had to offer. 

So, in 2006 I began to conceive a show that would become an umbrella for all of the different styles of music I love so much. In addition it would be a multi media experience. I could work all the muscles I had built over a varied 35 year career in music and theater. I called it the New Deco® Orchestra. One hell of a 20 piece band that grew into a brand.




I have always been seduced by the Art Deco era. It’s style, aesthetic and zeitgeist have profoundly inspired me since I was a young boy. I remember watching reruns of film noir movies on TV and feeling a strange yet comfortable kinship with those characters. The clothes, lighting, music, design elements and even the characters manner of speech all seemed natural and familiar to me. The era seemed to have been imbued with a certain class, sophisticated optimism and a “can do” aspirational attitude that made me hopeful.

 If I had to put it into one word I would say it was an era defined by “elegance.” And although the trappings of sophistication were exalted - the clothes, the cars, crystal and linens, et cetera, most of all it was the elegance of character displayed in the literature, cinema and demeanor of the individuals who were of the time, and whom I have been fortunately privileged to know, that inspired me most. Promoting that character is my greatest aspiration.

Over time I have come to realize that I am not alone in this desire. For decades now I have observed the growing trend towards a reawakening of those elegant times. It is my firm conviction that the time has come for a new era of elegance. One in which intelligence is respected and kindness is cool again. Where we are no longer afraid to exalt our innate desire for style, grace and civility. Not as a nod to nostalgia but with our gaze fixed on a brighter horizon ahead. Not for a “return” to the bygone times of the art deco era but for an experience of elegance set in our own time... our own contemporary expression of timeless style...a

“NEW” DECO era!

NEW DECO    isn’t about’s about style. Fashion is people trying to look alike within a certain season or period of time. Style is about timeless class, sophistication and individuality. Along with my partners and colleagues, we create an environment in which you're enticed to express your most elegant self.

My entire career I have had a passion to work within a ‘multimedia and immersive theatrical format.' One that is inspired by the golden age and all the grace, class, romance and glamour of that time, but is expressed contemporaneously. Before I even knew what the words “immersive,” “interactive,” “360” and “experiential” meant and before they had become common theatrical terms, I dreamt of producing a show like this... from the time I was nineteen years old!

Now YOUR time has come to create a new era of elegance.......A NEW  DECO    ERA!


Join us. Let’s learn to hope, to dream and to dance again. Thank you for your gracious attention. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon... You never know what might happen next!

Manny Moreira - in Vero Beach, November 2023


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