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You wish for the Return of Elegance...
You seek a sexy ambience that inspires romance. You're ready for quality, live entertainment that is cool, edgy, inspired by a higher aesthetic and is uniquely fun in its presentation. You long for a place to dance or just listen to eclectic music where it is safe to be your most sophisticated and stylish self without being judged. Where civility is encouraged. Where we all come together for a fulfilling evening of camaraderie and mutual respect. Enjoy a sumptuous meal, beautiful music and a multi media show. Your style is your own. It can be simple or outrageous but it is always elegant. This is the New Deco sensibility and you can count on us to create this environment for you...Every time. Come be seduced, enchanted and inspired. Leave fulfilled, joyful and renewed. Celebrate the Elegance and the of the New Deco Era with us.

We'll set a place for you.

Manny & Carla



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